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FEAPro Engineering|范吉仿真Acoustics becomes a concern when the coupling between a fluid and a structure becomes significant enough to cause high levels of noise, severe structural vibrations, or fatigue problems. FEAPro is experienced in providing analysis and test services for acoustics over a large range of applications. This includes the prediction of liftoff and ascent fluctuating pressures, analytic modeling of coupled fluid-structure systems, and testing to measure load cases and correlate analytic models.
Analytic Modeling of Coupled Fluid-Structure Systems
FEAPro has extensive experience with the construction and use of analytic models to represent coupled fluid-structure systems. These models are then used to predict the response of structural components (acceleration, stress, strain) and/or the sound pressure level response for internal cavities or external locations. The modeling methods that ATA uses include statistical energy analysis (SEA), the boundary element method (BEM), the finite element method (FEA), and hybrid models which can combine the best characteristics of SEA, BEM, and FEA.FEAPro Engineering|范吉仿真
SEA has traditionally been used in applications where the response at high frequencies is of primary interest. FEAPro has used SEA to provide zonal and sub-zonal vibration environments for component manufacturers, to predict interior noise levels, to track the power flow paths through the system so that design changes can be properly targeted, and to quickly conduct design trade studies.
BEM is typically used at lower frequencies, explicitly modeling the fluid-structure interaction and is a more accurate modeling method than the so-called “patch” method, which makes inaccurate assumptions about the spatial correlation of the fluctuation pressures. FEAPro’s experience with BEM includes the recovery of acceleration, stress, and strain responses in a variety of structures. FEAPro has also successfully correlated structural responses to test data from reverberant chamber acoustic testing.
Measurement and Prediction of Jet NoiseFEAPro Engineering|范吉仿真
FEAPro has developed innovative methods of measuring, interpreting, and extrapolating jet noise using an automated scanning acoustic holography system. This system allows for the collection of essentially infinite spatial resolution data over a surface allowing characterization of the noise from high-speed jets and other sources. We have also developed analytical methods that allow projection of these near-field noise measurements to the far-field.
NDT Applications
Owning state-of-the-art technologies in a wide range of advanced non-destructive testingFEAPro Engineering|范吉仿真 (NDT) applications, particularly long range ultrasonics, phased array, digital radiography and condition monitoring, to enhance performance and asset value without damaging the test subject.
Feapro Provide advanced NDT application technologies to NDT ueses, transducer developers and research institute. We also develope different special transducers upon request.
Transducers DevelopmentFEAPro Engineering|范吉仿真
FEAPro also provided development and simulation solution for ultrasonic transducers for applications as diverse as flaw detection, thickness measurement, ultrasonic imaging and ultrasonic therapy.
FEAPro have modeled various transducer types consist of Piezo element, composite, PMN, GMM material and different arrays. For many years, we have been in the forefront of transducers development and Computer aided modeling, introducing advanced simulations and solving difficult ultrasonic application problems.

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