FEAPro Engineering 范吉仿真工程技术公司

Testing & Correlation

Service description

FEAPro Engineering’s engineers have expertise in the creation of test plans and procedures, as well as in the execution tasks and support of the several types of mechanical tests.

Structural tests include:

  • Vibration (Harmonic, random, etc.)
  • Vibro-Acoustic
  • Static (Either through sine dwell or real static setup)
  • Pyroshock
  • Modal

Thermal tests include:

  • Thermal Cycle Tests
    • Subject test article to a number of cycles of hot and cold temperature extremes
    • Not performed in vacuum
    • Main goal is stress screening
  • Thermal Vacuum Tests
    • Same as Thermal Cycle Test, but performed in a vacuum
    • Temperature changes are much slower and goal is usually demonstrating operation at temperature extremes
  • Thermal Balance tests
    • Usually performed at the start of the Thermal Vacuum Test
    • Goals are verification of thermal control systems and verification of analytical model
  • Burn-In Tests
    • Usually performed at unit level
    • Unit is cycled or held at high temperature limit

Based on our hands-on test expertise, we feel uniquely qualified to help you and your team with your mechanical testing activities. From the test article instrumentation to the processing of the acquired data, FEAPro Engineering will take steps to ensure that the unit is adequately tested and that safety is not compromised.

With FEAPro Engineering 's familiarity of several data acquistion packages and with the associated state-of-the-art practices, we can verify that the instrumentation conforms with the test specifications, that the sensors are properly calibrated, and that the test data is correctly processed.

We look forward to forging a great partnership with you to ensure the success of your pre-test planning, test execution and post-test activities.