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csimsoft Releases Trelis 16.0 Mesh Generation Tool

AMERICAN FORK, UTAH, April 15, 2016 — csimsoft today released version 16.0 of its Trelis mesh generation software for Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis. The new release includes many new features, including significants improvements to its mesh scaling and boundary layer features, and an update to its tri and tetmesher. New features have also been added to version 16.0, such as a hex cleanup tool for improving mesh quality of "high-angle" hexes.

Additional features include;

  • Update to ACIS r25

  • New Entity Align command

  • New Extended Selection dialog

  • New Find Overlap tool

  • Improvement to Fluent, NASTRAN, and Cubit exporters

  • New Post-Meshing button

About csimsoft

csimsoft is a leading developer of simulation tools for generating high-quality meshes for challenging computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis simulations. csimsoft was founded in 2004 to provide mesh generation tools for challenging simulations. The company is headquartered in Utah, U.S.A.

About Trelis

Trelis is a high-end, commercial-grade pre-processor for complex FEA and CFD simulation. It isbased on the time-proven CUBIT™ software from Sandia National Laboratories. For more than twodecades, csimsoft and Sandia have co-developed CUBIT to do Sandia's really challenging simulation. Now,commercial and academic users can use the tool for their tough simulation problems.

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