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Csimsoft released the new version of Trelis

Trelis — Not Just Another Name For Cubit


After more than two decades of developing Cubit™ for Sandia National Laboratories, csimsoft has released its own proprietary high-end pre-processor for finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Trelis 14.0 isn't simply a new name for Cubit, although Trelis is based on Cubit's time-proven meshing algorithms, powerful geometry cleanup tools, and easy-to-use GUI. Trelis is csimsoft's commercial-grade pre-processor for handling tough meshing challenges.

Because CFD and FEA needs are different, csimsoft introduces

•Trelis FEA™
•Trelis CFD™
•Trelis Pro™

Trelis FEA has features and algorithms specifically designed to meet the needs of FEA users. Trelis CFD includes powerful tools and new features that enable meshing for CFD. Trelis Pro combines all the features of Trelis FEA and Trelis CFD.

*Why Change the Name?

In 2012, Sandia announced that it is absorbing Cubit into an internal simulation workbench, so we launched the latest commercial and academic versions of Cubit with a new name, Trelis 14.0. Trelis is much more than Cubit with a new name. Trelis includes new feature requests and usability suggestions from commercial Cubit users throughout the world.

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