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2011 China International Iron ore Forum will be held on September 28-30, 2011


2011 Qingdao Mining Expo includes exhibition, forum, cooperation consulting conference, gala dinner, investigation and visit, which covers the range of mining projects information exchange, mineral products exhibition and trade of coal mine, non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal, non-metal, etc., mining projects financing and investment, mining trade, mechanical equipment exhibition and trade, etc. On the occasion, famous mining corporations, financing & investment institutions, evaluation & consultation companies, technical service companies, equipment industries from China and the major mining nations will exhibit. Meanwhile, government officials, industry leaders,and professional scholars will make speeches and discussion around the latest mining policies, the development trend of mining industry, mining industry and capital market, mineral products subject, geological survey, mining technology and equipments, etc. With the growing influence in the world, more and more international economic organizations and mining institutions begin to pay attention to Qingdao Mining Expo, and actively participate in it to feel the impulse of the global mining economy, to share the world business opportunity of mining industry, and to expand interpersonal relationship with officials and business leaders.
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